Why Do My Eyes Hurt When I Have A Migraine?

Why Do My Eyes Hurt When I Have A Migraine?



Those who suffer from migraines often feel a pain right in behind their eyes. Ever wonder why that might be? Here’s an explanation that might help make more sense of it for you.

When the bones of the upper neck do not move properly, it can cause the head to rest with a slight tilt or in a non-neutral position. When this happens, the eyes can experience an added stress and strain on the muscles because the brain wants to have the input to be on a horizontal plane.

So the eye pain or strain is a response to the dysfunction in the neck causing the head tilt and the added strain on the eye muscles. One of the most common muscles to experience stress or strain is the superior oblique, and it happens to be right above your eye.

Pressing there is actually pressing on a muscle that is irritated or overworked. The whole problem stems from the neck.

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