What’s The Leading Cause Of Migraines?

What’s The Leading Cause Of Migraines?



If I could get people with headaches and migraines to understand just one thing, it would be that the pain in the head is most likely coming from a neck problem.

If you push right below the ear and it sends pain up into the head, travels up into the face, or maybe that spot is just really sore and tender, the head pain is likely coming from a neck problem.

What’s happening here is most likely a movement issue in the bones of the neck.

Every time the head turns left or right, the motion should be coming from the first and second bone in the neck. Every time you nod your head up and down, at least 10 degrees of that movement is occurring between the top bone in the neck and the skull.

These joints can get stuck, and when that happens, the joint gets irritated, and the nerves send a pain signal up to the brain. These pain signals can often be perceived as coming from the head or face, but actually, it’s a neck problem that is causing the headache or the migraine.

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