3 Things to Avoid to Reduce Back Pain While Sitting

3 Things to Avoid to Reduce Back Pain While Sitting

Are you tired of that nagging back pain that gets worse when you sit?

I totally get it—back pain can be a real struggle, especially when you have to sit for long periods.

In our latest video, I share three common mistakes people make while sitting that can worsen back pain, particularly if you have a bulged or herniated disc.

These tips are simple but super effective in helping you manage and reduce your discomfort.


In this video, we talk about:

– The dangers of prolonged sitting and how to counteract it
– How slouching affects your lumbar discs and what to do instead
– Why soft surfaces are your enemy when it comes to back pain
– If you’ve been trying to manage your back pain but nothing seems to work, it might be time to give these tips a try.’



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