My Hands Are Numb – How Can I Fix It?

My Hands Are Numb – How Can I Fix It?


A Simple Solution

Numbness, tingling, pain in the arm, hand, or fingers could be a problem with the median nerve, especially if that numbness and tingling is in the front of the forearm or in the first two fingers or the thumb.

It may seem like it will never get better, but today I have an effective exercise to help without median nerve irritation.

For the last 20 years, we’ve been helping the Lucan community to get rid of numbness and tingling, so let’s go ahead and get into it now.

Step number one, tip your head away from the numb side.

Step number two, bring the arm out to the side with the wrist in neutral.

Number three, flex the fingers, wrist, and elbow so the knuckles can touch the chest.

Step four, extend the elbow, the wrist, and the fingers as much as possible and hold this for 3 to 5 seconds.

Repeat these steps 5 to 10 times at one go and several times a day.

This will create a pattern of tension on and off the median nerve.

This should help free up the tension on the median nerve and decrease the numbness and tingling in your hands.

If this is not providing enough relief, then maybe it’s time to get Diane on the phone, 519-227-1363.

We would be happy to try and help.