Healing with Laser Therapy


Healing with Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is often used to heal tissues that have been injured. The low-level laser uses light to help decrease inflammation, increase oxygen and blood flow, promote muscle calcium uptake, and improve neurotransmitter release. When we promote a decrease in inflammation in the body or tissue injured, the body can heal faster. Inflammation is the beginning of the healing process. After an injury, it’s normal for inflammation to happen. Still, if inflammation stays in the body and becomes a chronic issue, it can cause more harm than good. That is why using low-level laser therapy to help decrease inflammation after an accident, injury, or surgery can often help heal tissue faster than if left alone.

Why It Matters

Having access to this treatment ultimately helps you heal faster and without invasive or aggressive treatment methods. It also helps build up specific tissues in the body that are important to healing, such as:

  • Increasing collagen production
  • Increasing ATP production
  • Increasing the formation of new capillaries 

The increase of collagen, ATP, and new capillaries in your body increases the healing rate in tissues and helps decrease inflammation. These processes also help to improve the cell’s ability to function correctly and help with recovery.

Next Steps: 

Suppose you have suffered from an injury that is just not getting better, or you notice chronic inflammation in an area that has been affected by an old accident, injury, or surgery. In that case, laser therapy may be right for you.

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