Do Hormones Cause Migraines?

Do Hormones Cause Migraines?

Migraines are two to three times more likely to show up in young women than in men, especially after the onset of puberty. Often young girls become more involved in sports at this time of their life. These activities put their neck at risk of developing injury.

Also, at this time, there’s an increase in hormones added to the picture. These hormones adjust the body’s threshold for what the brain can tolerate before it senses or perceives pain. Hormones are not necessarily the cause of the headache or migraine, but it is affecting how they are experienced in the body.

As aggravation to the neck increases in these young ladies, new stresses and strains are added to the neck from sports, causing a problem in the mechanics of the neck and how the neck sends pain signals to the brain.

The onset of more hormones lowers the threshold to how the body experiences pain, but this is not the cause. If we address the mobility and the mechanical issue in the neck, the migraines often decrease due to the pain signals being decreased.

Unfortunately, it is not always that simple, so if you’re having more questions about migraines, I would be more than happy to try and answer them for you.

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