Chiropractor Shares The Biggest Sciatica Mistake!

Chiropractor Shares The Biggest Sciatica Mistake!


What is it that’s preventing so many sciatic suffers from long-term relief?

They’re making this one simple mistake.

They’re treating their sciatica as if it’s a back problem rather than a health problem.

Over the past three decades, there have been thousands of scholarly articles showing a link between stress, pain, and even things like wound healing.

Now what these articles point out is that an increased level of stress impacts the body’s ability to heal from everything from a cut to a common cold, and yeah, you named it, sciatica.

So if you’re wanting to maximize your body’s ability to heal, then you need to make sure you’re managing your stress levels.

Now, regardless of what the cause of the stress is, the response is always the same.

When you’re overwhelmed by stress, your body’s ability to heal will be compromised.

Inflammation has become a buzzword amongst health practitioners over the last 10 years.

Now, the most significant driver of inflammation I see with my patients is poor diet.

I’ve lost count of the number of patients that I’ve been able to help with their sciatica by just getting them to improve their diet.

There are only four words that you need to remember, and that is “eat foods from nature.”

So managing your stress, decreasing your inflammation, and improving the function of your spine are all key ingredients, but I have noticed to help people get rid of sciatica long-term.