5 Common Mistakes That Could Worsen Your Back Pain

5 Common Mistakes That Could Worsen Your Back Pain

Struggling with back pain that just won’t get better?

You’re not alone, and there might be some everyday habits that are making things worse.

Dr. Cameron from Cameron Family Chiropractic in Lucan is here to share five crucial things you might need to change to help ease your back pain and support your healing process.


In this video, we talk cover:

– How smoking affects your spine and slows down healing
– The impact of poor sitting posture on your discs
– Why certain stretches can worsen a bulged disc
– The role of the psoas muscle in back pain
– The dangers of pushing through painful exercises



Making just one of these changes could make a significant difference in your comfort and recovery.

If you’ve tried these tips and still aren’t finding relief, it might be time to consider advanced spinal decompression. Give us a call at 519-871-1363 to see how we can help you get back to a pain-free life.


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