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The 5 Essentials™ help you unlock the power of your body and integrate your body’s systems and functions. Following this system helps you achieve optimum health and performance that you can rely on every day. Working with your doctor and their team is an important part in creating new habits inside the 5 Essentials, but it’s up to you — our patients — to educate and engage yourselves on leading a healthy life.

Commitment is essential to see positive results. Maximized Living products are here to help you learn, better understand, and implement your the 5 Essentials, helping you make the necessary small changes that result in better health and wellness.


Discover the latest publications by Maximized Living experts, covering everything from specific fitness and nutrition programs to information about general health and wellness.

Latest publications

Spinal Homecare

Find helpful and innovative accessories to continue your spinal care plan from the comfort of your own home. We also offer products designed to support and enhance a strong and healthy spine.

Spinal Health

Fitness and MaxT3

The MaxT3 fitness program, combined with nutritional supplements, provide you with the very best in cutting-edge exercise science. This improves your overall health and wellbeing by helping you reduce fat, increase your oxygen intake, and produce lean muscle.

Fitness and MaxT3


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