I have also noticed my health improve in many ways

I started my transformation on January 4th at Dr Cameron’s “Your Best Year Ever” workshop with the goal of losing some weight but I have achieved so much more. After 5 months I have not only lost weight and dropped dress sizes but I have also noticed my health improve in many ways.

  • I used to sleep 4 hours per night and now 7 hours per night regularly.
  • More energy and no more need to nap.
  • I used to sit on the couch all night after work due to leg and back pain but now I am able to garden and walk my dog every night.
  • I used to suffer with intense menstrual pain for and mood fluctuations for 30 years but now I barely notice it.

I have tried to make changes before but this time has been easier then ever before and I think it is due to focusing on all 5 of the essentials Dr. Cameron instructs on.
Teresa Walton